Eat Like Abigail St John

Eat Like Abigail St John

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Abigail St John

What's inside the box?

1. 3 Day Vegan Meal Guide ($20 Value)


2. 7 Deluxe Sized Vegan Products and Snacks ( $43 Value )


Natierra Superfoods Dried Mangos ($10)

Naturally Clean Eats bar ($3)

Lily’s Dark Chocolate Chips ($8)

Mylk Labs Oatmeal ($4)

Vega Plant Based Protein Powder ($4)

Spread The Love Almond Butter ($13.99) 

3. Up to 50% off Selected Full Sized Products! 

 TOTAL VALUE  $63 for just $30 

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EatLike is a new startup focused on providing sustainable snack boxes to try new products in a fun experience. We are based in Portland, OR and here to provide a great product. If you buy a box, you are contributing to build towards a sustainable future and the small business economy. We'd love your feedback to build a great box!