Let's Help New York Overcome COVID-19

Last week Eatlike donated 200 units of food to the Portland Food bank. But there's a bigger problem at hand...


After speaking to the doctors in Manhattan, many people are sick and dying from Covid-19 over there. Medical professionals are drowning from work while they lack medical equipments like masks and gowns. 120 doctors were given 20 masks to allocate between themselves and have been using trash bags as protective covers for their bodies. They’re asking for our help. 

 EatLike has partnered about with a direct supplier of KN95 masks in China who are ready to send 1,000 masks.

 How can you help?

By donating $5 you are able to help 3 doctors get masks.


By donating $20 you are able to help 12 doctors get masks and a food box.


Donate here today: