Interview with Emma Cohen, Co-Founder of FinalStraw, about Kickstarter Project Success

mericans use 1.6 plastic straw per person per day, this is enough to wrap around the Earth 2.5 times every day. There might be a solution, maybe someone develops a reusable and non-plastic straw. But maybe consumers need a reusable and collapsible straw, Emma and Miles have already done it, FinalStraw.

FinalStraw was a genius nature-friendly idea but it has a difference from lots of unrealized ones. Because Emma Cohen and Miles Pepper made their dreams come true. Dedication to their targets, creativity in their minds made FinalStraw possible.

In order to learn more about FinalStraw and its extraordinary success on Kickstarter we talked to Emma Cohen, Co-Founder of FinalStraw.


Emma Cohen, Co-Founder of FinalStraw

What was the motivation for you to start FinalStraw developing? and what was the problem you wanted to solve?

When I was in Thailand a few years ago, I was incredibly disheartened seeing the number of straws that washed up on the beach. Since then, I became obsessed with eliminating plastic straws. While there are other reusable straws on the market, they are bulky and not easy to carry with you. FinalStraw is the first collapsible, reusable straw.

What are the main advantages of FinalStraw for the environment?

In the US alone, we use 1.6 straws per person per day. By eliminating single-use plastic straws, we can save our planet and oceans from unnecessary pollution.



What are the key points of your success on Kickstarter?

Our Kickstarter campaign's success definitely surprised us, but we think our funny and sassy tone definitely resonated with our audience. Also, people have looking for a solution to this problem but there weren't any awesome solutions out there, so it was the right product at the right time.



Can you talk more about your team? How many people are on the team, and what are their roles?

Miles is my co-founder and had the original idea for FinalStraw. He's hard at work on design and manufacturing the straw. Our team is rapidly growing, but we have folks working on design, manufacturing, QA, marketing, customer support, partnerships, and wholesale.



How do you envision the future of your project?

Our goal is to eliminate single-use plastic. Our hope is that FinalStraw is only the beginning and we can create other products that can reduce plastic pollution.

What is your advice to other entrepreneurs who want to start a new project on Kickstarter?

One piece of advice is to be super responsive to your backers -- they are going to be your main supporters and advocates throughout the rest of your business, so make them a priority right now.

Thank you Emma.

For more information, please visit website of FinalStraw

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